Welcome to jCatano Homepage.

Just as jCatano, this homepage is still a work-in-progress...

jCatano it's a Java implementation of, the popular board game, the Settlers of Catan.

It's name is jCatano because j stands for Java and there's a portuguese expression "C'um Catano", that is an exclamassion expression as "Holly sh*t" but not so offensive, and Catano is very similar to Catan. So, for fun we decide it should be called jCatano.

The game is being written by Ricardo Almeida (me) with the colaboration of Pedro Vicente. Graphic designer is Vera Semião.

This project is available at sourceforge.

17 Jan 2005 - Issues with Sourcefourge FTP server caused the release to be "broken". Everything should be OK now. Sorry for the inconvinience.

14 Jan 2005 - Version 0.4 alpha of jCatano has been released. See changelog for details. Needs java 5